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How is OBSBOT Tail controlled?
OBSBOT Tail has an independent WiFi Hotspot. You can download our official APP. Then connect to the device WiFi and control it remotely.
What is the longest contol distance of OBSBOT Tail?
The longest WiFi data transmiting distance are 2.4Ghz - 80m, 5.8Ghz - 140m without any interference. In daily scenario the effective transmit distance would be about 50 meters.
What is the effective shooting range?
The equivalent focal length of OBSBOT Tail is 21-74mm, with an optical zoom range of 3.5x and title digital zoom of 2.7x, combined is 10x hybrid zoom range. The field of view Angle is 92° (wide Angle)-32° (long focus) Furthest AI tracking distance is 40m.
Does OBSBOT Tail have a built-in microphone?
No, due to constructure design reason we didn't place built-in microphone in OBSBOT Tail. But we provide 3.5 mm TRS microphone jack for you to plug in external microphone.
I can't connect with OBSBOT WiFi, it always shows " internet not available", why ?
OBSBOT Tail adopted independent WiFi access point and can not connect to the internet, you may directly back to the app and enter into filming page.
I can't get OBSBOT WiFi on my phone.
Due to the different WiFi band frequency standard of each country/region, the WiFi band on your region might not compatible with OBSBOT. You may directly inform us about this issue and our engineer will working on to solve it.
I always got the "incorrect password" noticification when connecting to the device WiFi, while I did enter correct password.
Due to the firmware bug the WiFi password may sometimes be reset. Please reboot the device and try to reconnect it if encouter this issue. Let us know if it happens frequently and we'll help solve it.
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